Maya/Unity FBX workflow hatred

exporting FBX models from maya to unity is a bit tricky when you want to animate things with Unity's relative Vector3.forward / Vector3.up vector directions. What i discovered/learned FINALLY!! TODAY!! by MYSELF!! is the following strategy.

(Be sure you are loading FBX export plug-in when launching Maya)

  • Model your mesh. (Believe me, the most difficult thing to export is a simple plane.)
  • Freeze Tranformations
  • Reset Transformations (incase)
  • Delete History
  • Be sure to name your mesh from outliner and also be sure there are no group artifacts etc left. So double check outliner!
  • This is the most important step:  In Maya be sure that your model's front is facing (of course the surface normals) maya's Z direction.
  • Export FBX to a logical folder.
  • Import New Asset from Unity.
  • Define scale factor as 1, if you don't want to define it every time define this factor from maya as "Centimeters".
  • Dont import any material.
  • Dont import animations.
  • Don't play with surface normals and ranges if you don't want to make a game like FRACT
  • Sit back, take a deep breath, and hate maya for being so complex. Also hate Unity because of not implementing a simple modeling system.
  • Take another breath and go back to game development. Sheit.
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