3D-Coat and how i stopped worrying and started loving Voxel Sculpting

I've been studying a lot of 3D-Coat lately and i'm loving the workflow so far. Modeling and texturing world has been moved on to sculpting voxels with z-brush and many programs followed after z-brush software success. I followed this cool stuff very closely and couldn't find any time to learn and inject some sculpting into my workflow. But things changed and finally found time and decided to learn 3D-Coat.

Why 3D-Coat?

Ui seemed more friendly to me and hell it is! When i jumped into 3D-Coat it works like Photoshop! I recommend this software if you don't understand z-brush in any way. z-brush ui seems like hell. working on 3D is really hard and ui shouldn't be an obstacle to jump when dealing this hard stuff. 3D-Coat is really, really easy to get used to.

I followed up some 3D-Coat basic concept tutorials and my outputs are below. First step was voxel sculpting a basic model from a cartoon character. My Macbook pro touchpad did what it can to help me but a digital pen is a must in this process.
(Swampy character was the main hero of the game Where is my Water? all copyright belongs to artist of that game amd the company. This is just an excercise.)

Meet swampy

I got pretty good results with the 3D-Coat scultping tools. Voxel and Surface sculpting


Retopology is the main mesh i worked on for UV's and texturing color maps, ambient occlusion and normal maps.This is the low poly version of high voxel sculpt so can be transferred to any game engine easily with texture projections. Retopology is a long process. Be sure you are not alone or if you are like me, you should prepare some good music to accompany you.

UV's opened and painted. When you use UV unwrapper of 3D-Coat IMO you are using the best and easiest tool for outlining UV's. This tool is a real genius and UV unwrapping is soooooo easy with this. I was totally scared of how UV's opened after a sculpting session and after a good retopology you can easily unwrap UV's with 3D coat. Below is a painted cute swampy. :) As you see stylish shadows baked on the character with the help of ambient occlusion layers and normal maps
UV Paint

After this process you can do whatever you want. Go to Maya and rig character or upload and show your skills. I started rigging this character.

Maya Rig

Here is the final version at sketchab:

Why are you learning 3D-Coat or losing time on 3D? There are awesome people out there doing art?

I'm curious about processes. Also i can't afford them yet. To hire people i need a lot of financial investment. Until i have enough money i'll continue myself as art and programmer on stuff... And indie games started to suffer from bad visuals. My games should be polished visually, and programatically. So i'm doing my best to get better visuals as much as possible. Thank you for reading so far!. (Header texture is dedicated to Picasso)

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