3D-Coat Voxel sculpting exercise - Mouse on Fan Ship

When i bought Jake Parker's Drawings I,II and III i know that some day they'll inspire to make 3D models. Books are awesome! If you are like me BUY THEM IMMEDIATELY!

Selected one of his easy sketches(!) and started to learn 3D-COAT.

I started building the model with basic 3D primitives.

Here is the finished version of basic sculpting and modeling.

After some arrangements and some modifications here is the finished model.

Also learned a lot of things about 3D model topology and re-topology process..UV's opened gently.

Painted version with wireframe.

Finished version after 3D texture painting.

You can see the model on sketchfab as 3D.

More models will follow in the future.

As i wrote on twitter an illustrator inspires you very positively and creatively. I hope i can find an illustrator as talented as Jake Parker someday. Also i know that i'll need a sound designer too.

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