First Animation Tests of TheStruct

IMO, every stupid little thing you create worth sharing with people. Here is the first character controlling tests and animations.

This video is taken at 22 September 2015. Character animations are from Mixamo which is acquired by Adobe. I'm hoping for a affordable payment to continue using them.

Here is the second video that i took after 2 weeks work.

For 2 weeks i tried to understand how Unity Mechanim works and finally figured it out to create character animations blend nearly seamlessly. And one step forward was adding a rolling animation to avoid super meatboy-ish traps.

You still can see some jumpy and weird behaviors when moving on ramps, probably it needs a lot of tweak. Next step will be writing a fully working character controller with some rotating camera controls, standing still, running, rolling actions.

Note to self: If you are hopeless, turn back to this post and watch videos to see progress."
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