Factory Trouble - Innovation Week Jam Game

At 29-April to 2 May, we made a game in 48 hours with the theme for "Power of Harmony" (In turkish : Uyumun gücü). c# Code and game design by Arhan Bakan. 3D modelling and animations by me.

You're a robot and you can push around a few devices to assist you with redirecting, speeding up and slowing down the wheels. Your goal is to place wheels on top of orange colored devices by colliding wheels with each other on top of these devices. The level will be complete when all devices are full with wheels.

Play the game here => https://arhpositive.itch.io/factory-trouble

Source code on Bitbucket, github

Here are some models from the game from awesome sketchfab.

The game is selected as top 10 games of 32 games by the game jam jury.

See on Sketchfab

See on Sketchfab

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