Modeling , Rigging , Animating a Low poly spider and putting everything in Unity

I'm studying a lot of Maya last couple of months and solved the following workflows for creating a game character.

  • Modeling a low poly game character.
  • Rigging.
  • Animating.
  • Importing to Unity.
  • Control the character in 3D space.

Here is a more detailed tutorial how its done (with sample files);

First of all our character is a spider. I decided to create a walk cycle for a 2 legged cat but my model and rigging failed badly and decided change my approach to a more simple creature. To be honest rigging and animating is really really hard and its art. People are working 4 or more years on this art and i'm becoming aware of the process behind.

Here is my failed cat walking rig and animation. You fall bad and kiss the ground at first jump!.

After this failed attempt, like i said before i decided to proceed with a more easy character animation for this process. Insects seemed like a good choice and decided to choose a spider to model, rig and animation which is not an insect actually. Its an arthropod which is a relative to crabs and scorpions.

Here is an image which shows the rigged curves and IK handles for the model.
Maya screenshot

After searching for how spiders walk in real life and watching youtube videos i finally created a walk cycle..

After all of this i could export fbx and move into Unity but a walking spider like a crazy was not enough. I decided to stay a lot more in animation process and Idle and Jumping states are created too for a realistic character in Unity.

Here is the Unity project files of the project. Walk as a spider.

Spider Project

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