Others Gold

Twine is awesome. Its a small html based game engine to create text adventures. Last night i created a test game named Others Gold and my impressions are pretty good so far. After playing all games in a row in bitesizehorror, i decided to download the app and create one myself. Its a pretty good excercise and strangely arouses your imagination and logical thinking. you can add images and styling and very very hard-core functions and logics to the game but i decided to go lean for first time. made a game about a chest full of gold. you'll get the geek referenece when you play it. The syntax is simple but a bit weird takes a small amount of time to create a clean code. And app has bugs but focus on creating a game. Its pretty fun. and play those bitesizehorror gems! They are super cool. And also there is an upcoming game jam based on this concept. (bite size horror jam)

PS: Some people does this. Don't be scared. Start small.


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