Wave of Democracy - GGJ 2017

On GGJ 2017 we made a game about waving your hand to crowd. Convert as many voters to your side as possible to reach 50 percentage of votes. Presidency is at stake. Wave your hand to the crowd in exchange for their votes! Be careful, though. Your hand is sensitive. You should watch your stamina and rest your hand before you have to wave it against »

Digital currencies in a game

Recently i've been thinking about why are we collecting coins in a freemium app/any video game. Probably its related with the arcade saloon culture. You can't put your own money in a machine because of some security and maintenance reasons so you'll need a unified currency to spend. The most simple solution is to invent a replica coin which replaces the regular money we spend. »

Psychology of Addiction in Freemium games

I was playing Spiderman Unlimited for iPad a lot lately, and i found myself many times that i'm stopping myself for buying the rare resource, ISO-8. The games genre is an infinite runner. How this game makes me buy things? I generally feel neutral about freemium genre but i feel unhappy every time i stop playing spiderman. Why am i addicted to it? Why do i »