New Infinite Runner with Ragdolls

Just made a cleaned prototype with better ragdoll animations and used assets of Keijiro Takahasi's repo assets. (He is a very productive programmer who creates crazy stuff with Post Processing effects and procedural things btw) Repeating this prototype is something obsessive but it becomes more fluid and functional every time. Animations are from Mixamo Oh one thing.. The Source Code! »

The Struct

Well, i'm excited! Last month i quit my job and started to work on my first indie title, code named as "The Struct". The idea started with an infinite runner prototype with multi player game mechanics but over time i decided to move to a more cinematic and procedural runner game. For now i discarded the multiplayer mechanics / programming because of team member shortage :). What cinematic »

Psychology of Addiction in Freemium games

I was playing Spiderman Unlimited for iPad a lot lately, and i found myself many times that i'm stopping myself for buying the rare resource, ISO-8. The games genre is an infinite runner. How this game makes me buy things? I generally feel neutral about freemium genre but i feel unhappy every time i stop playing spiderman. Why am i addicted to it? Why do i »