Wave of Democracy - GGJ 2017

On GGJ 2017 we made a game about waving your hand to crowd. Convert as many voters to your side as possible to reach 50 percentage of votes. Presidency is at stake. Wave your hand to the crowd in exchange for their votes! Be careful, though. Your hand is sensitive. You should watch your stamina and rest your hand before you have to wave it against »

3D-Coat and how i stopped worrying and started loving Voxel Sculpting

I've been studying a lot of 3D-Coat lately and i'm loving the workflow so far. Modeling and texturing world has been moved on to sculpting voxels with z-brush and many programs followed after z-brush software success. I followed this cool stuff very closely and couldn't find any time to learn and inject some sculpting into my workflow. But things changed and finally found time and decided »