Struct Prototype Concept Art

Tried to visualize some environments for the game i'm working on. How these are made: Make a composition in Maya with a nice cam angle. Render with Maya Sofware Renderer. Create a new render layer and add your wireframe object to new render layer. Render new wireframe layer with maya vector. (if its not loaded it needs to be loaded from plugins). Open any photo editor. »

First Animation Tests of TheStruct

IMO, every stupid little thing you create worth sharing with people. Here is the first character controlling tests and animations. This video is taken at 22 September 2015. Character animations are from Mixamo which is acquired by Adobe. I'm hoping for a affordable payment to continue using them. Here is the second video that i took after 2 weeks work. For 2 weeks i tried to »

The Struct

Well, i'm excited! Last month i quit my job and started to work on my first indie title, code named as "The Struct". The idea started with an infinite runner prototype with multi player game mechanics but over time i decided to move to a more cinematic and procedural runner game. For now i discarded the multiplayer mechanics / programming because of team member shortage :). What cinematic »