Wave of Democracy - GGJ 2017

On GGJ 2017 we made a game about waving your hand to crowd. Convert as many voters to your side as possible to reach 50 percentage of votes. Presidency is at stake. Wave your hand to the crowd in exchange for their votes! Be careful, though. Your hand is sensitive. You should watch your stamina and rest your hand before you have to wave it against »

Rigging, Animation and Minions

Last week i learned rigging and animation with Maya and importing those in Unity. First of all "Minion"® belongs to the whoever owns it. This is just a learning project. Model(fbx) doesn't belong to me, it was open source. I just wanted to work on technical rigging and animation. The rigging is not perfect. There are very tecnical standarts i discovered today and about rigging, »

New Infinite Runner with Ragdolls

Just made a cleaned prototype with better ragdoll animations and used assets of Keijiro Takahasi's repo assets. (He is a very productive programmer who creates crazy stuff with Post Processing effects and procedural things btw) Repeating this prototype is something obsessive but it becomes more fluid and functional every time. Animations are from Mixamo Oh one thing.. The Source Code! »

Shader Playground

I was scared of the shaders. Couldn't find the time to learn them and hated the syntax when i motivated myself to write one. So superb Shader Forge comes to rescue. Its a node based shader editor for Unity game engine. It generated the shader code for you when you are dealing with the nodes in the UI. Gives the realtime visual feedback of the current »

Hoverboard Jam

Infini boarder is my personal entry to Hoverboard jam. Which celebates Marty mc Fly's time travel to date 21 October 2015. Game jams are fun! Took 2 whole days to develop, approx 30-35 hours of non stop working. PS: Still no hover boards, flux capacitors, mr. fusions, flying cars. i have hopes for the future! »