The Struct

Well, i'm excited! Last month i quit my job and started to work on my first indie title, code named as "The Struct". The idea started with an infinite runner prototype with multi player game mechanics but over time i decided to move to a more cinematic and procedural runner game. For now i discarded the multiplayer mechanics / programming because of team member shortage :).

What cinematic are you talking about?

As we all know there is a very cool platform game genre named cinematic platformer. I know i'm dealing with some giants there. We can give some examples as: Another world, Flashback, Limbo, etc.

Ok, platformer but what procedurality?

The idea is an infinite runner character whose environment is a super structure planet. There will be some long cinematic runs which shows the mysterious and crazy structures of this planet / city. The obstacles our character will encounter needs to be cleverly designed.

Ok, what about art style?

I'm a fan of Tsutomu Nihei. He drew visually most original mangas of all time. This game will be a very close visual tribute ;). Art style, effects and demos will be heavily inspired by mangas and anime's.

Why not something casual / freemium?

Again IMO, games started to become a touch based clever ui interaction solutions. No demos, no soul, no unique art, no scenario. This approach can take long. It took 2 years to make Another World, and 3 years to make Braid, nearly 13 years to Diablo 3, and 10 years for Duke Nukem. If you persist enough, it happens.

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